Do you remember our review of Cannon Hero Must Die by Orangenose Studios? We do! Which is why when we discovered that Ketchapp and estoty had released a game centered around essentially the exact same core mechanic, we just had to give it a try…😆

Spoiler Alert: Sorry Orangenose Studios. Ketchapp and estoty have bested you on this one…

In a nutshell, Mr Gun is a simple timing game about shooting blocky gangsters as you slowly make your way to the top of the gangster family. …or at least, whatever remains of the gangster family…

Played by skillfully tapping on the screen of your device in order to fire your gun, the aim of the game is to tap on the screen of your device the moment your gun is at in the right angle to kill your opponent with one shot. Your gun will automatically pivot up and down, and your job is to stop it, fire, and try not to miss.

Unlike most games of this type, Mr Gun is an incredibly generous game toward its players. Although there is no way for you to dodge your opponent’s bullets that – unfortunately – never miss (unless of course, you choose to revive yourself by watching an Ad) Mr Gun hasn’t got a time limit, meaning you can take your time adjusting your aim, and there are a whole heap of guns for you to choose from that actually do more than just look cool!

If you’re like us and have terrible aim, you can unlock a machine gun that fires more than one bullet (the one we unlocked fires 4 bullets) increasing your chances of actually hitting your target. If on the other hand, you are a super sharpshooter who doesn’t need the extra 3 bullets, you can opt for a gun that fires fewer bullets but deals greater damage in boss battles.

By choosing the right gun for your playstyle Mr Gun allows players to customize the game based on their personal preferences which is something we hadn’t really seen from Ketchapp where traditionally one size seemed to fit all…

If it helps this is probably our favorite shooting game from Ketchapp so far! 😆

The Conclusion

If you’re after a simple shooting game that can be customized, played in short sessions, and actually features some form of levels, this is the game for you. The best casual shooting game we’ve played this year.

SorryCannon Hero Must Die you have been de-throned.😅

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