Move the Match by PlayReap Studios – Review

Today we’ve got a game so old, we’re almost certain everyone has played it once – or at least seen it. This super old, grandfather of all games, has finally been reincarnated into a flashy new mobile app, just as puzzling and challenging as it was before. This is our review of┬áMove the Match.

Matchstick games have been around for years, and are often “featured” in maths text books as prizes you can puzzle over – personally we’d rather a chocolate bar – but it’s definitely better than 100 practice problems. That’s for sure!

Here’s a problem to chew on while you read this review…

Move the Match - Matchstick Puzzles for Free_SS1

As you can see from the screenshot above, nothing has changed. You have the same grid layout, the same yellowish matchsticks, and the same simple touch controls the original had.

Probably the biggest difference you’ll find is the addition of a hints button – The light bulb – that will give you a hand when you need it most – unlike your uncle… “Keep trying, you’ll get it… Eventually… He he…”

With a total of 600 puzzles to work out and 1800 stars to collect, this game, as old as time, will last you a long time… Seriously…

If you like puzzles, this reformed antique is a game you need.

Race you to 1800 stars⭐ We currently have… 27…

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