Motor Hero! – Your dream come true?

Do you just love motorbikes? More specifically, stunt bikes? Today we’ve got a game about bikes, a crazy stunt track, and… well… No Driver 😱  Unfortunately the in game documentation doesn’t specifically say “who” or “what” is controlling the bike in this game… 👻

Ok without being silly, Motor Hero is a game based around speed, angles and of course stunt’s! Starting off on the top of a slab of land protruding from a large sea or bay, your mission in this game is to jump from slab to slab without over jumping or under jumping and crashing into the ocean.

The tops of each slab are cut off at an angle that allows you to launch yourself up into the air and “hopefully” land on another slab. Although a very simple game in theory, put into practice, things don’t work out as simply as you’d expect…

Although the angles of the slabs of land don’t change – As far as we know… 😓  – the height of the slabs of land does change frequently making it rather difficult to figure out just how much speed you need to get from one block of land to another.

If performing stunts on your motorbike 20 meters above the ocean on protruding blocks of land has always been your dream – what are the chances of that… – you will never ever find a game better than Motor Hero!!!

…For the majority of people who would have never imagined flying through the air on a motorbike 20 meters above the ocean, but think it sounds fun in a game, the download link is just below…😉

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