Do you love blowing stuff up? Because today we’ve got a game that hasn’t blown up just yet but has the potential to with a few visual updates…✨ This is our review of Mortar Attack (by CODEJAX Studios) one of our very first supporters on Patreon!

Right off the bat Mortar Attack isn’t as great a game as it could be… yet… 😉 For starters, the UI (User Interface) could use a bit of a makeover in order to fit in better with the overall visual art style, and support for 18:9 aspect ratio devices is a bit of a must in 2018, but jumping into the gameplay, we had quite a bit of fun playing Mortar Attack… 😆

Set in one of four 2D battlefields, your mission in this game is to blow up your opponent (1) before they blow you up and (2) using as few shells as possible. Simple!

The game is played in turns and the position you are firing from cannot be moved, meaning it is crucial for you to adjust both the angle and level of power you are firing with in order to at least hit near your target within the first few shots, especially when playing against a real person in local multiplayer mode…

The AI in Mortar Attack is rather inaccurate, which is great for while you are still learning, however, once you have a fairly decent idea of how to play the game, you’ll probably want harder and more accurate opponents to battle against.

Just as a side note, your own shells can actually kill you!💀 That being said, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you are firing straight up with minimal power, which is kind of a stupid thing to do. 😂

With a minimal number of Ads, a simple gameplay system, and a never-ending supply of enemies for you to explode, this is yet another fun game you can download in order to keep your destructive nature at ease…

The Conclusion

Although there is more work that could be done in order to make Mortar Attack even more enjoyable, overall we had fun playing Mortar Attack, and we look forward to seeing how it develops from here onward…

Before you go, we just want to say thank you to CODEJAX Studios for supporting our work on Patreon! Thanks to the support they (and others) give, we can continue to provide you with hot new game reviews every day! Thank You!

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