Monster Kick by Appsolute Games – Review

Have you ever failed at something “insanely simple” and felt like an idiot? Normally when this happens we create a strong vow somewhere deep down to never try whatever it is again… But what if that “something” is addictive…?

Monster Kick is probably one of the easiest games we’ve ever seen – “in theory.” With a total of 2 buttons “Kick”, and “Step” this game should be a walk in the park… It’s not…😓

Based around the simple task of walking along a path made of blocks, all you as the player are required to do is to tap “Kick” if there’s an enemy on the block directly in front of your player, or tap “Step” if there isn’t. How much easier could the developers have made this game? Not much… But it’s nearly impossible…

Perhaps it’s time pressure – there is a small time limit – or just a natural carelessness that comes over us after continuously repeating a simple task, we don’t know, but this game is amazingly hard… and “Addictive!”

Why the bitter taste of failure becomes addictive we really don’t know, but after playing this game 5 or so times most of our review team were stuck in a strange trance like state, already slaves of the mysteriously addictive powers of Monster Kick

Though there are hundreds of games that claim to be both “impossible” and “addictive”, most of the time they are simply hard and annoying, not exactly addictive…😓

Monster Kick is no doubt one of the few games that is truly impossible and addictive.

Whether you’d like to become a failure addict or not, Monster Kick is an extremely difficult yet fun game you’ll really have to work to put down😉

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