Monkey Jet – A beautiful looking runner game with some very “new” controls…

Do you love the blocky pixel graphics found in a lot of games ever since the release of Crossy Road? Today we’ve got another game from the GAME ATTACK team, this time with some amazing looking blocky pixel graphics! …The only thing is, it has some really “unique” controls as well…

Monkey Jet is your standard runner game with top quality graphics! The graphics that make up the game, (i.e. players, obstacles, etc) and the graphics that make up the world, (i.e. backgrounds, decorative objects, etc) are equally brilliant creating a truly immersive user experience.

Honestly, there wouldn’t be all that much for us talk about this in game if it weren’t for the controls. (It’s almost perfect😓) The game is based on a rather standard concept of, “Race along a 3 lane beachside footpath for as long as possible while avoiding obstacles” – a very standard game concept which would normally be played using very standard controls… Not in this game…

Monkey Jet is played using a unique set of tap controls that, although interesting, weren’t the easiest for us to use. Instead of swiping left or right to change lanes like you would normally expect, Monkey Jet is played by tapping on the screen to boost and releasing to automatically cycle through lanes while slowly moving forward.

In theory, these controls may actually be simpler than the standard, “Swipe to change lanes” controls found in most games of this type. (Seriously the game can be played by simply tapping on the screen.) Unfortunately, theory and actual gameplay can often be very different, and we found the “extra simple controls” in Monkey Jet more of a pain than a help…😕

With beautiful graphics, an abundance of characters, and an extremely entertaining stage, (Obstacles can be fun😁) this game will be a lot of fun if you can figure out how to play it properly.

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