Mind The Arrow by Petricore Games – Review

“Mind The Arrow” who wouldn’t? They are pointy, pretty sharp, and actually pretty dangerous. But looking at the icon, the arrow in this game looks rather blunt. So what is there to worry about? If that is what you are thinking… Think again!

The arrow in this simple but difficult brain trainer will stab your brain, literally! In the upper left hand corner of the screen is an image of an arrow with some of the dots illuminated. Your mission is to tap and illuminate the dots surrounding your arrow in order to replicate the image.

For the first 10 or so rounds this is pretty easy, both the arrow in the image and the arrow you need to work with are pointed in the same direction, but after that… First the arrow in the image begins to slowly rotate, then the arrow you have to work with begins to move, and then, we don’t know…

By the time we finally got this far there was no one left alive to tell the story of what happens next…

Mind The Arrow_SS1 Mind The Arrow_SS2

Some games are easy, some games are impossible. Mind The Arrow actually has a bit of both. For a game that ends up so intense and difficult, the way this game starts out is nice and smooth, making it a great game for beginners. If you’d like a game that doesn’t kill you in the first 5 seconds, and actually gives you time to hone your skills, this game does a really good job if it.

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