Are you just dying for the release of SUPER MARIO RUN? We are! and so today we’ve got a simple yet challenging runner game you can play to brush up on your 2D platformer skills.

Mikey Jumps is a very, very simple game. Played using only taps and long presses, (no strange swipe gestures), it’s actually rather amazing how challenging this game can be.

Made up of a total of 20 worlds each with 10 levels (a total of 200 levels😆) this game is going to last you a while. Each level in each world is made up of blocks, empty gaps between blocks, spikes, and items. The Spikes and Empty gaps pretty much explain themselves (GAME OVER👾) but the items can sometimes be a little more tricky.

The items in this game will mostly do rather straightforward things like (allow your player to swing from block to block or jetpack over a large sea of spikes) the only problem is getting to them💀

As we said above Mikey Jumps is played using taps and long presses to determine how high and far you jump. Although in theory this is super easy and shouldn’t trick anyone, when you’ve got 1 life left (you are given 3 lives per world) and are on level 10 (if you clear all 10 levels without a Game Over you can unlock the next world) it is very difficult not to do something stupid and die…😅

Lastly, the characters. There are a total of 6 characters in this game each with a total of 255 accessories you can use to fully customize your player’s looks. (That’s a whopping 1,530 different combinations!) If you are picky about your character’s looks this is probably the game you’ve been looking for.

The Conclusion

With 200 levels, 1,530 different character options, and a simple yet challenging gameplay system, there isn’t much more you could ask from an enjoyable little mini-game like this.

Want to give Mikey Jumps a try? The download link is just below😉

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