With only 60 seconds remaining before you (and everyone else on planet Earth) are destined to depart this world, what would you do? Would you do Good or would you do Evil? Either way, in 60 second’s time there will be no one left to praise or condemn you, so does it even matter…? Actually, it does… a lot…😅

Meteor 60 seconds! (by Avocavo) is a 60-second platform style simulation game from Korea about living out your last 60 seconds on planet Earth to their fullest. Played using 4 on-screen controls you can use to move left and right as well as punch and kiss random people, at first sight, this looks like an awful game.

Although it may be true that given 60 seconds to live, “a lot” of the world’s population would start committing awful crimes they otherwise wouldn’t have even dreamed of committing, acting like a lunatic is exactly what Meteor 60 seconds! wants you to “think” you are supposed to do…

⚠ If you would like to play Meteor 60 seconds! without any spoilers, stop reading now!

After living out the last 60 seconds of your life, you find yourself not in heaven – or hell, which is probably where you deserve to be 😈 – but instead, you find yourself on a bed surrounded by highly advanced VR technology. After waking up, you discover that you were in is some sort of highly advanced Personality Test and that your family was watching everything you did inside the simulation… 😱

Depending on the choices you make within the simulation, you may or may not have a family to welcome you once you wake up in the real world…

With a total of 9 different endings for you to experience, no Ads, and a very easily influenceable nephew, all of the outcomes in this game are surprisingly achievable within 60 seconds and there is even a special surprise waiting for you after you unlock all 9 endings!

The Conclusion

This game won’t last you longer than 1 day. There is almost no replay value unless you are showing it to a friend, and even still you probably won’t want to sit and watch your friend figure out all 9 endings.

If you’re after a game you can play and enjoy today – this is the game for you. We would be very surprised if this game stays installed on your device for longer than 24 hours.

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