Have you ever wondered what goes into the exotic foods and drinks featured in video games? Chances are you can remember a time when your player was on the brink of death, but somehow miraculously recovered after simply drinking a bowl of soup…
…Doctors need to make more soup…

Match Land is a game about what goes on behind the scenes to create the slimy green HP recovering soup we have all learned to love and enjoy…💀

In a nutshell, Match Land is a game about smashing small green slime monsters which are used to create lovely batches of soup you can sell to customers who pass by your stall. Although a rather disgusting thought at first, the super cute graphics and simple gameplay system make playing this game seem more like a cruel act performed by heartless people, rather than a disgusting method of making soup…😃

Playing using a puzzle-based battle system, your mission in this game consists of mostly hunting for “resources” using a party of skilled warriors who gain power based on your ability to match colored gems. Very simple.

The further you progress through the game the more resources you are capable of collecting, allowing you to start new stalls selling different household items created using the most “exotic” of resources…

Overall, Match Land is an extremely cute looking game featuring some of the best pixel graphics on the market.

Are you ready to start your business making MAX HP soup out of ingredients that may or may not be legal? If so, Match Land is the game for you.

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