MarbleTrax – Make your bet a success! …by cheating… 😂



Clicker games have come a long way… For anyone who still thinks clicker games feature a static cookie in the middle of your screen, MarbleTrax (by Madbox) is a game that is going to blow your mind! …ok, maybe not blow your mind, but you get the idea…

Set on a 2D obstacle course made up of different pre-set obstacles that are designed to slow down your player – a small white ball – your mission in this game is to skillfully use your powerups in order to help your ball make it to the goal before any of your opponents.

For reference, it’s a little like betting on a horse race, only you are given a sniper rifle for just in case your horse needs a little help getting past the guy in front. 😂

At the level we are currently on, we have a total of 4 different powerups – half of which speed us up, and the other half slow down our opponents. Each time you win a race, you are given money which can be used to upgrade your player, upgrade your powerups or increase your future earnings.

Although this game may not seem like the sort of clicker game you are probably familiar with, what you are doing is essentially the same, feeling satisfaction over watching a totally meaningless number slowly increase in value.

With a simple 2D design, gameplay that is slightly too complicated in our opinion (seriously, who expects complex quality gameplay from a clicker game?), and that’s about it, MarbleTrax is basically where clicker games are at in 2019.

The only problem is, I think we are all starting to get a little sick of them… 😅

The Conclusion

Are you still a fan of mobile clicker games you can sort of play without actually doing anything? Those games that give you a sense of achievement without actually getting you to do anything?

If so, MarbleTrax is probably the hottest new clicker game on the market, and the last clicker game we want to check out for a while…

Want to give MarbleTrax a try? The download link is just below.📲
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