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Many Bricks Breaker Review: How many bricks is too many?

Breakout was (and still can be) a fun game for when the Fortnite servers are down or when Overwatch isn’t an option. Basically, a great little game to back you up when the games you “actually want to play” aren’t available… How sad…

For anyone who feels as though Breakout has been neglected to too long, for those players who believe that a game that is playable on hardware over 100 times less powerful than the cheapest smartphone you can pick up at Wallmart deserves more attention, shockingly, you’re actually not alone!

Many Bricks Breaker (by FujiCubeSoft) is basically a remake of the classic Breakout just with a few major twists made possible by the comparably insane processing power of smartphones in 2019! As the name suggests, Many Bricks Breaker is cram-packed with bricks for you to break + the powerups needed for you to carry out your mission as a brick breaker.

Check out our video below 👇

For anyone who has seen this game played on social media, you are likely already well aware of just how this game plays out. Starting out with one ball, the main objective of the game is to somehow get your ball stuck between two layers of brick for it bounce between.

Once you manage to get your ball stuck between the many hundreds of bricks tightly clustered together above your paddle, the rest is up to the powerups that slowly float down toward you. Every so often after destroying a brick, you will be given a powerup which (if collected by your paddle) will either give you 3 more balls or multiply the number of balls currently on the screen by 3.

When you collect 5 or 6 of the latter in a row (which has happened on almost every level we’ve played so far) you can only imagine just how fast your balls will increase in numbers!

Let’s do the math… 1x3x3x3x3x3x3 = 729 Balls!! 😱

If you’re looking for highly sharable gameplay content you can film on your smartphone, you’re only about 3 months late to the trend, but here it is! 😅😂

The Conclusion

For fans of the classic Breakout, Many Bricks Breaker is a funky remake of the classic game designed to entertain the masses of 2019.

Want to give Many Bricks Breaker a try? The download link is just below.📲
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