After reading the headlines we thought, is this legit? After downloading the game all we could do was…😂

Magikarp Jump is the 4th Pokemon game to hit the Apple App Store and Google Play and is by far the “best game”, in a funny sense, we’ve seen in pretty much forever! Centered around a small town where Magikarp have been all the rage for obviously way too long, your mission in this game is to train up a Magikarp capable of crushing All Eight Magikarp Jumping Leagues…!!! What is wrong with this village!!!

After meeting with the Mayor of this small deluded village, Mayor Karp, and capturing your very first Magikarp, your journey as a Magikarp trainer begins!

Unlike most Pokemon games which are centered around capturing and battling Pokemon, Magikarp Jump is centered around one thing, training your Magikarp to jump ever higher. Played using a similar gameplay system to the forever annoying Tamagotchi, Magikarp Jump is a continuous cycle of feeding, training, and competing in jumping competitions against other Magikarp Trainers.

Although this game may seem like a joke, and it probably is, the sheer quality level of the game makes it all the more funny and devastating when the inevitable happens…💀

For the first time in Pokemon history, (that we are aware of), your Pokemon in Magikarp Jump can die! During a hard training session every so often a wild Pidgeotto will swoop down and snatch your Magikarp away never to be seen again…

Magikarp‼️ We will never forget you😭

If you’re after the highest quality corporate joke in mobile gaming history, Magikarp Jump is the stupidest, most enjoyable game about a pathetic Pokemon you will likely ever find.

Ready to start your adventure? The download link is just below😉

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