Mad Head

Have you ever suddenly had nothing to do? After walking past a clothing store with your girlfriend, you suddenly have to kill 10 min ~ 10 hours while she quickly checks out what’s on sale. Have you ever been in a situation like this…

Mad Head is a super quick little game you can play for a bit and forget about without missing out on anything. In a sense, it is like one of those friends that just seem to appear when you need them most. …Although you shouldn’t “forget” about your friends…

Based on a slightly modified 2D soccer heading drill, your mission in this game is to head bunt soccer balls that fly overhead by simply tapping on the screen of your device. Every now and then your coach will throw a bomb 💣overhead, so you’ll need to be careful not to accidently head butt it💀

Overall, Mad Head is a very simple game you probably won’t want to play for 10 hours straight, but in short-doses can save your sanity.

With relatively high-end graphics – especially for a game this simple – and some not too addictive gameplay – which in some cases can actually be good – especially when you have to put it down and go the moment your girlfriend finishes shopping. This game is the perfect companion to have on a boring date! …something is so wrong here…

If you happen to love this game and you “can” play it for 10 hours straight, there are plenty of themes you can purchase from the in-game store using the stars you collect throughout the game.

Do you spend long periods of your day waiting with nothing to do? If so we may have just found you a trusty companion.

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