LOST MAZE – A simple puzzle game that looks a lot better than most..!

Do you like simple puzzle games that tie into a story? If so, today we’ve got a game about a maze, a girl, and stolen happiness(?)…

LOST MAZE is a game about a little girl named Misty who, for some unknown reason, lives in a maze (an interesting location to build your dream home). One day all the happiness is suddenly stolen from the maze (Not quite sure how) and so Misty is sent off to go and retrieve it… (…easier said than done Dad…)

The game / puzzle is set on a long pipe like platform that can be rotated in segments, allowing you to change the position of certain objects positioned around the stage. This is vital to your success in LOST MAZE because this is pretty much the only control you have over your wandering little girl.

Unlike in the real world where little girls move in unpredictable bursts of energy, racing from one bunch of flowers to the next. In LOST MAZE, Misty will walk in a straight line until she bumps into a dead end, or a man eating flower. Your mission in this game is to prevent the latter from happening (Man eating flowers are bad!) and to use dead ends to your advantage by positioning rocks trees and other objects in the path of your little hero.

Obviously this gets difficult. Constantly looking ahead for deadly obstacles while setting up safe ones to guide your player becomes increasingly difficult to do, especially as the game itself increases in difficulty. Luckily this game is a puzzle game, not an action game.

When your player is in a “safe location”, you can simply press the pause button in the lower left corner of your screen, stopping your player and giving you a little more time to think.

Do you need a puzzle game that looks “infinitely better” than sudoku? If so, this is probably the game you’ve been looking for.

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