Looper (by Danny Cruz) is a cool new game for iOS and Android that carries on the ZAGA spirit in a new and artistic way. Set on a neverending stage filled with minimalistic obstacles and shapes that do a great job of killing you just when you were least expecting it, Looper is played using 2 multicolored interwinding rays that “would” continue on forever if it wasn’t for you continually messing up.

By (Touching and Holding) on the screen of your device, the two rays you control will move toward the center of your screen before winding together in the form of a double helix, and by (Releasing) the two rays will move back to their original position. Simple enough.

Although not too hard to figure out, the lag between you touching on the screen and your rays actually responding can be quite challenging to get used to. Unlike some other games where your player responds instantaneously, Looper is more realistic in that, you can’t simply teleport from one place to another. Your player actually needs time to start moving.

Although this may not be much of a problem for those players with an insanely fast reaction time, for us normal players who need some time to recognize that a fast-moving obstacle is about to hit us, often our normal reaction speed was just far too slow. We only once managed to get to the level where the stage started spinning…

With a bunch of different customizations you can make to the way in which your 2 rays look right out of the box! (or at least, right after downloading the game), Looper isn’t one of those games that requires you to play for hours in order to get that one skin you really like. Very nice indeed!

The Conclusion

For anyone even half as passionate about ZAGA as we are, Looper is a game you are really going to enjoy! Featuring a nice mixture of old and new, there really isn’t a lot to complain about in this colorful yet very minimalistic game.

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