Long Ago – The story of a kingdom built on mining!

Before you can build a kingdom, you need people. …and in order to attract people, you need work. …and in order to create work, you need resources. This is the story of “your” brand new kingdom built upon mining.

Long Ago… as in the game “Long Ago (Yes, this is the title of a game), is a game about setting up your brand new kingdom using the one resource you already have, mining! Set in the middle of nowhere, which will eventually become the home of your multi-billion dollar kingdom, your mission in this game is to mine like crazy so that you can hire your first batch of workmen to kickstart your new kingdom.

If you haven’t sort of guessed already, this game is an endless tapper style game just like Tap Titans or our new favorite FINAL TAPTASY, that replaces monsters with a literal mountain of endless resources, and your support units with workmen and warehouses.

Now, although there are a ton of re-named features you are going to feel familiar with, Long Ago also features a brand new battle system we’ve never really seen in an endless tapper game. By strengthening your army you can both attack, and be attacked by fellow players, which is definitely an interesting new touch, to say the least.

With clean minimalist graphics that don’t really change that much – it’s difficult to tell whether your barn is level 5 or level 50 without opening your dashboard, plenty of free gems to speed up your initial gameplay, and hopefully much more to come, this game is another endless tapper game you might want to check out.

Does the idea of setting up your very own kingdom intrigue you? If so, Long Ago is a game you should probably check out.

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