Level With Me – The most satisfying game ever!? (We may be OCD…)

Are you the type of person that finds yourself re-stacking the shelves at your local supermarket? “Some of us” understand exactly how you feel. There is this strange sense of satisfaction that accompanies perfect order and balance…

Level With Me is a game about balance, and boy is it satisfying. Based around a number of mini-games, all performed on a pivoting board set somewhere out in the middle of the ocean, your mission in this game is to use massive floating bubbles in order to balance / overbalance the “things” set on the board.

The mini-games consist of simple tasks like balance 10 people for 10 seconds, overbalance the board in order to slide a tank away from a falling enemy bomb, and simply survive for 5 seconds!

Each time you clear a mini-game your score will go up by 1 before automatically moving you on to the next mini-game, which will pretty much be the same as the first, just with a slightly different objective.

We will be honest, after playing around 10-20 perhaps 30 mini-games with pretty much the same rules, things will start to get pretty boring… You wouldn’t want to play this on a 5-hour flight from California to New York…

This said, as a fun little collection of mini games you can enjoy with your friends and family, Level With Me is a really cool game to have.

Do you experience this strange sense of satisfaction when things just work?

Level With Me is an endless collection of OCD madness which may just drive you crazy. (Go on, get it, you know you want to.)
Only don’t play this game for 5 hours straight… You’ll regret it.

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