Legend of the Skyfish – A story book you can play…!

This is going to be hard… The game we will attempt to review today is very different to the majority of games we’ve reviewed up until this point, whether you think this game is amazing, or awful is going to be completely up to your personal preference…😓

Legend of the Skyfish is a game based on a Moon Whale, a Girl with a crazy fishing rod, and a Skyfish. The game begins by explaining how your village was attacked by the evil Skyfish after the fishermen in your village got a little too greedy… (Moral of the story- Don’t be greedy.)

If it were just the fishermen the evil Skyfish and its henchmen attacked, you could almost say it served them right, but the story goes on to say how innocent people such as you and your younger brother were also attacked and separated from their families.

You – after being spared by your new found friend the Moon Whale – set out on a quest to find your younger brother and to defeat the evil Skyfish!

Story-wise this game is perfect, the game explains exactly why you are killing monsters with your fishing rod that doubles as a sword, leaving no, “So, why am I actually doing this?” question in the player’s mind.

The main “issue” we have with this game is the price vs quality. The graphics in this game makes the Legend of the Skyfish look like a storybook with illustrated pictures that actually move and fight back at you. For players expecting this, this game will look amazing. (Because really, it is!)

The problem occurs when players expecting an experience more like Star Knight are shocked to see that the graphics look like they came out of a storybook…

Whether or not this game will feel cheap to you is almost entirely up to personal preference.

In our opinion this game looks very different to most RPG’s we’ve played up until now, but the main functionality is brilliant so what is there to complain about? It is really up to you.

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