Have you ever “modified” how you play Chess? Once as an experiment, our team tried playing chess where every piece on the board besides the king was forced to move like a knight!  …Suddenly the King was the most powerful piece on the board…

There are many modified versions of Chess floating around on the Apple App Store and Google Play – one of our favorites being Really Bad Chess by Zach Gage – and, as you may have already guessed, today we’ve got another one for you to try.

Knight Saves Queen is a game about a lone knight saving his queen from evil enemies using his immense skill on horseback! …Now, although there are a number of things wrong with this game, such as the fact that the Queen is already married to the King, and the fact that Queen is actually the most powerful piece on the board… we will ignore all those extra technicalities in this quick review.😃

Played using much the same controls as you would expect to find in any standard mobile chess game, your mission in this game is to move your knight around the board destroying all the enemy pieces before finally rescuing the Queen.

Just like most chess games, the further you progress through the levels in this game the more complex and challenging the gameplay system becomes, challenging you to think more and more about your next move… otherwise, you’re pretty much…💀

The Conclusion

With a set of high-end graphics, (for a puzzle game), a nicely scaled level based gameplay system, and a minimal number of ads to distract you from your puzzling, Knight Saves Queen is a game puzzle game fans will likely enjoy!

Unless of course, you happen to be the King…😜

Want to give Knight Saves Queen a try? The download link is just below

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