Ketchapp Basketball by Ketchapp – Review

Simple is best. A lot of the time this popular phrase is used when complicated ideas or concepts pop into random conversation, but what if the idea or concept in question is already simple? For example… How much simpler could you make Basketball…?

Ketchapp Basketball is by far the simplest Basketball game we’ve ever seen. In fact the developers of this game went so far as to remove the 3 dimensional feel of “depth” from their “Basketball” game just to make things a little simpler!

With a line for your hoop, no feel of depth, and a bunch of totally absurd modes such as multi hoop, or bounce, is this game still a “Basketball” game? Probably not, but it’s definitely more fun on your smartphone.

Due to the fact that there is no depth, you can never underthrow, nor overthrown, meaning all you have to control is the direction in which you swipe, not the speed. As you can probably already imagine, though we aren’t all that good at swiping at a consistent speed, when it comes to direction, things are very different.

All up, Ketchapp Basketball looks to us like a game designed to help players succeed to at least one degree or another before the game ends. Personally we really enjoy games like this because at the end of the day, who doesn’t like a bit of success?

If you’d like a game that doesn’t kill you within the first 5 seconds of gameplay, a game that you can just put down, have a conversation, and pick back up without dying, here it is.

With a minimal number of ads, a moderate level of difficulty, and a high chance of successful joy, if you want a basketball game that will allow you to just have fun, we haven’t found a better game… Yet…😉

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