There was once an artist who said “No matter how spectacular a painting you create, without an equally beautiful frame, you can’t call the finished product a masterpiece.” Though we can’t remember the name of the guy who said this, we do remember he made a living selling frames…

Kerohiro is a game so close it’s painful! You see, this game is brilliant! The graphics, the story, the UI, – user interface – everything is so awesomely perfect… until it comes to the battle system… and for a game that so heavily revolves around its battle system, Kerohiro is like a $10,000 frame housing a cheap painting…

When we first began playing Kerohiro we were sure we were in for a treat! From the very beginning the quality was maxed with a high quality intro, beautifully designed characters, and a well thought out storyline. We were sure we had found something amazing – and in a sense we still think we have – until the battle began. The battle just doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps we missed something vital, or we’re just not getting it, but the battle system for Kerohiro felt random and rather confusing over all.

Perhaps in a future update Kerohiro’s battle system will feature a renewal, making the “game” as good as it “looks.” Until then, though an awsome game on the outside, we feel this game is lacking something vital on the inside…

Kerohiro the Flag Bearer_SS1 Kerohiro the Flag Bearer_SS2 Kerohiro the Flag Bearer_SS3 Kerohiro the Flag Bearer_SS4

The Conclusion

Normally at Edamame we don’t review games we can’t recommend, but with Kerohiro, things are a little different.

This game is so perfect, we believe that with some tweaking, Kerohiro could become something “truly” awesome. But until then, all we can do is cross our fingers and wait.

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