In a generation where games are designed to be addictive, it isn’t every day you stumble upon a game that actually tells you to go away and do something more productive… Stranger still, having an evil boss in a video game openly asks you to, “Just Kill Me.” isn’t exactly common either… What is wrong with this game…?

Just Kill Me. (by ふんどしパレ-ド) is yet another excellent game from the country of all things strange and exotic JAPAN. On starting up the game for the first time, you are greeted by the final boss – the “Demon God” himself – who tells you that you have been brainwashed by a person he only names as “That Guy” to kill him.

Being a nice guy, he explains to you that his only weakness is popping a small slime-like creature, and even goes so far as to let you kill him! …from that point on, the game just gets weird…😅

Featuring a gameplay system that isn’t far off basically being a clicker game, your mission in this game is to swipe over jelly-like characters that fall from the top of your screen in order to damage “whatever” Demon God you are currently battling. (Yes we know, it is complicated…)

Together with these falling jellies are coins you can collect in order to increase the amount of damage you do each time you pop a jelly, increase the amount of money you receive each time you collect a coin or increase the amount of time the fever mode lasts.

With graphics that are probably best described as: “less than amazing but very Japanese”, an unforgiving number of Ads (don’t worry, most of the Ads can be skipped instantly), and who knows what else(!) this is one of those games that doesn’t require skill or timing, only a twisted sense of humor…

The Conclusion

If reading this review made you think: “Wow, I need this game!” there is a high chance this game was literally designed for people just like you! Otherwise, we suggest you go read one of our other reviews…

It is amazing seeing what strange games actually become popular in Japan…

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