Jupiter Jump – Is jumping in space trendy?

If you ever become an astronaut and your spacecraft crash lands on an asteroid or uninhabited planet, please(!), please(!!), please(!!!) fight off the urge to jump… it never pays off…

Jupiter Jump is another space jumper game, this time set on the uninhabited, deadly mine-infested surface of the planet Jupiter. Your mission in this game is – just like all the other space jumper games we’ve reviewed – to survive… An impossible mission…

Played in a similar fashion to most modern bouncer games, (i.e. tap to bounce your player against the bottom of the stage) your simple and slightly obvious objectives are to, (1) avoid smashing into deadly exploding mines, and (2) collect points by bouncing through strange floating green crystal things. (Probably what you were originally planning to mine for…)

Now, our current high score in this game is a whopping 168 points which is insane(!) considering how good we are at this type of game. So how did we get such an awesome score? Simple, “Near-Misses!”

The number of times your player experiences a “Near-Miss” during a run is directly related to the number of points you gain each time you pass through a green crystal checkpoint thing. This, of course, is extremely helpful considering how many near misses we experienced during our best run😉

Jumping over to the graphics, the graphics in Jupiter Jump are high-quality pixel graphics filled with lively animations and awesome explosions! The soundtrack is decent but nothing over the top and the number of ads displayed are kept to a minimum so as not to slow your gaming down.

Just can’t get enough of stranded astronauts bouncing through space? If so, congratulations here is another game to add to your collection!

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