Jump Over the Rings! – Graphics!? Ha, it’s all about the Effects!

Oh no… we’ve done it again… Somehow we’ve managed to miss one of the coolest arcade games ever seen in the history of Edamame Reviews… Until now!

Jump Over the Rings! is a simple arcade game with an equally simple title that pretty much explains itself. Your mission in this game (for those of you who haven’t watched the video above) is to jump over as many bouncing rings as possible before time runs out and “SUDDEN DEATH” begins!

The game is set in a humble 8 bit world and is made up of a set of modest characters that aren’t all that special… until things start moving…! The effects in this game are incredible, and make up a large portion of this game’s addictive nature!

Now, if you’ve played a lot of arcade games on your smartphone, you’re probably well aware of the fact that “On Screen Buttons” aren’t the easiest set of controls to use, and unfortunately Jump Over the Rings! is no exception.

Although the controls do take a little while to get used to, it’s well worth giving this game a try because the reward at the end is simply awesome!

Are you an arcade game collector? If so, this is a game you need to add to your collection. Without it, your collection will never be a complete!!! (Ok, that’s a little overboard 😓 )

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