Have you ever googled the name of a game only to find “nothing” useful…? After looking the search results up and down you eventually realize that Google has conveniently autocorrected your search results into something very different to what you originally intended… This is one of those games…

Jump by Pizzlr (that is actually what the game is called) is an interesting game that seems to work off your, the player’s, perspective. Set in a minimalistic world consisting of a shaft that extends upward, (presumably forever), and a number of colorful floating platforms that rotate around the outside of your neverending shaft, your mission in this game is to help a ball jump from platform to platform without falling into the endless void below…

The game is played using the single function (Tap to Jump), and thanks to the interesting camera angle, it almost seems as though your player is jumping up and onto a platform, it shouldn’t exactly be able to reach… Weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Visually, the game looks alright. Resembling something Ketchapp might have published, had it been a few years ago, Jump by Pizzlr definitely isn’t a bad looking game. However, if you (like us) think an all-white screen looks a little cheap in 2017, flip a switch and you’ll find an awesome looking night-mode with much better contrast and a more premium feel to it. 😉

Now, although fun while it lasts, this game does lack functionality. If you’re after a fun little game you can play in your spare time, Jump by Pizzlr will probably last you a max of 1 week before you need to re-visit Edamame Reviews for some more cool games.

The Conclusion

If you download this game, always remember to turn Night Mode on and avoid hitting spikes. Otherwise, the game will look kind of cheap and you will probably die.💀

Neither of which is acceptable for a trendy gamer such as yourself.

Want to give Jump by Pizzlr a try? The download link is just below.📲
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