Are you a fan of the now relatively old Jelly Jump by Ketchapp? One of the few popular Ketchapp games we seem to have not yet reviewed… If so today you are in for a treat because part 2 is just a click away!

Jelly Run is a brand new runner game from Ketchapp which inherits and expands on the “Jelly Spirit!” as such…😅 Once again set on a mystical stage made of mostly whites and grays, your mission in this game is to “skillfully” switch between two obstacle-covered paths in order to avoid falling off into the endless expanse of void beneath the stage your player runs on.

By tapping on the screen of your device your player will either jump from “Left to Right” or “Right to Left” depending on which side of the stage your player is currently on. Fairly Simple…👍

Now, besides watching out for the many “Moving Obstacles”, “Crumbling Stage Segments”, and “Parts That Fly-In 0.5 Seconds Before You NEED To Jump”, looking ahead in this game is essential to your success. Because you only have two paths you can jump between it is very easy to get stuck in a position where you have nowhere to jump and GAME OVER!👾

Once your skills finally reach a level where you can play Jelly Run normally without focusing all of your inner “Ki“, “Chakra“, or soul on playing a simple “One-Touch Game”, you can finally step back and realize just how beautiful Jelly Run really is.

Featuring a rich set of mystical 3D graphics, Jelly Run almost looks like a simplified extension of Smash Hit, just with much simpler controls and far less intensity.

Overall if you’re looking for a runner game there is no way you can go wrong giving Jelly Run a try. However, we did experience lagging on even some of our highest end devices so you should probably check to make sure the game actually runs before you get too excited…

The Conclusion

Assuming your device will actually run the game, Jelly Run is not only fun, fast, and simple to play, but it is also one of the best looking games from Ketchapp we have seen in a long time. Perhaps with the exception of Blue Edge, and a few others…

Want to give Jelly Run a try? The download link is just below.📲
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