Have you ever considered the lifespan of a firecracker? Brought into existence only to explode, firecrackers may actually be the saddest things to illuminate our night skies… This may be the saddest game we have ever featured on Edamame Reviews…

It’s Full of Sparks (by Noodlecake Studios and Dabadu Games) is a game about a firecracker with the will to live. Instead of giving up and accepting the fact that firecrackers are (quite literally) designed to explode, this lone firecracker starts running… running to live… running toward the ocean!


Set on a 3-dimensional puzzle like stage your mission in this game is to help your firecrackers get past whatever obstacles stand in their way, and dive into the ocean before it’s too late.💣 Your time limit is literally your player’s lifespan, and so you will need to move quickly in order to get past all the deadly obstacles before your player explodes.

Now, for all of us cold-hearted gamers who are used to seeing our player die on screen, only to come back to life a few seconds later, It’s Full of Sparks is a little harder on your conscience. If your player dies in this game (explodes) it is GAME OVER. Although you will be able to continue playing, (just like any other game), the player you were playing as is no more…😭

After first downloading the game, you are given approximately 15 firecrackers to lead to safety. Each firecracker has its own name and is uniquely shaped and colored. …after playing for 5 minutes and totally obliterating your team, you are given 3 choices, purchase an infinite number of firecrackers to kill, watch an Ad or wait for 5 seconds for a free firecracker, or you could just curl up in a corner and cry for your fallen friends… 😭

With excellent visuals, almost no Ads (the game actually has an option to Enable Ads!?), and over 80 unique, hand-crafted levels for you to lose even more of your friends while trying to achieve that perfect score, It’s Full of Sparks is a game that will show you just how cold-hearted and evil you truly are.😈

The Conclusion

If you’re after a mobile game that will make you cry, (or at least feel a little uneasy inside), It’s Full of Sparks is the first game we’ve ever played where we felt a strange attachment to a firecracker. We will never see New Year’s fireworks displays the same way we used to…

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