IRON FINGER – The biggest compilation of classic arcade style games… so far…

Do you like mini games? The type you used to get for free as a sort of gift when you bought a new “big title” game? We do! And that’s why today we’re excited to bring you the biggest compilation of mini games we’ve ever seen in a single mobile game!

IRON FINGER is a compilation of 24 super simple mini game that will remind you of the games you (or your parents) used to play as a youngsters. Mostly playable with a single tap or with 1 to 2 buttons, the games in this app rely mostly on reaction time (not skill level) to play – meaning they may actually be more compatible with a wider range of age groups than the games we play today😮

On top of this, (as if to boost its “compatibility-feature”) the games in IRON FINGER are broken up into 4 categories, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard, making it just that little bit easier for everyone to join in on the fun!

If you’re planning on throwing a party with a bunch of retro game lovers of all different ages, this is probably a game you should check out beforehand.

Lastly, what’s a retro game without pixel graphics? All the graphics in IRON FINGER are made of nice pixel style images that look like they probably came from around the Game Boy Color area. Perfect for a compilation of minigames!


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