Interview with Wojciech Grzesik the creator of POP4

POP4, is an amazing game to play. The way the chain reactions pile up and the challenge of clearing the game in the least moves possible somehow reminded us of playing 2048, but in a fresh new way.

Today we’d like to share with you, our interview with the developer of this amazing game, Wojciech Grzesik.

In our interview Wojciech tells us about how the development of POP4 was started just 6 months after first learning to code! To create a game of this quality after 6 months of study is amazing.

“Man, I should have asked him where he studied coding…!”

Before we start, I’d like to thank Wojciech for participating in this interview, and for spending some of his valuable time in answering our questions. Thank you very much Wojciech.

Now without any further ado our interview begins.


Ok first up, why did you decide to make POP4?

I was thinking about making a game for quite some time but I didn’t have the skills to do so. After a 0,5 year of learning coding I decided that it’s time to start thinking about the game.

The idea behind POP4 was simple – to create a game that is very simple yet addictive. I think I managed to acheive this goal. All the feedback I get is very positive which is very encouraging.


I see, so what programming language and or software did you use when making POP4?

I learned C# so there were many frameworks I could choose from. I didn’t have a big budget though, so I decided on a free framework called Monogame. The framework I used was very helpful and made game-making a fun and pleasant process.

Microsoft did a great job with Visual Studio, making it free for smaller developers and I really enjoyed using it. 

And lastly – I needed to buy an Xamarin subscription in order to make my game multiplatform.


Ok, here is a mean question. What was the hardest problem you needed to overcome when developing POP4?

Wow that is a tough question indeed 😉

I think the biggest challenge was to make it multi platform and work on so many different devices. Android itself says my game can run on 9400+ phones and tablets! Obviously it’s impossible to test it on every single one of them so you need to pray that it works fine :]

Fortunately Xamarin and Monogame teams did a great job and there were only a few problems after game release.


Last question. Where do you get your inspiration or ideas from?

I get inspiration from playing other games 🙂 

I really like all sorts of games – from casual phone games to big budget, award-winning PC/console productions.


A few words to POP4 fans on Edamame Reviews.

For now I’ll focus on POP4 making it as good as it can be. I will update it as often as possible (most important thing to add is global highscores) and delete all bugs that are reported to me.

No solid plans for a new game right now. But there will be one for sure!


Lastly a few words on how you feel about Edamame Reviews and our service.

You guys are doing a great job reviewing all those great apps! I’m very glad that POP4 can be among them! 🙂


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