Interview with Jared Bailey the creator of Bumper Tank Battle

Bumper Tank Battle alongside Wrong Way Racing were a lot of fun for us to review. Both of these games were absolutely crazy – in a good way – and we would definitely recommend both of them to players who like a bit of craziness mixed into their gaming life. 

Before we start, I’d like to thank Jared Bailey for participating in our interview, and for spending some of his valuable time in answering our questions. Thank you very much Jared.

Now without any further ado our interview begins.


Ok first up, why did you decide to make Bumper Tank Battle?

I like to experiment with mechanics. If something is fun and keeps my interest I’ll try to make it into a game.


I see, so what programming language and/or software did you use when making Bumper Tank Battle?

I use Unity3D, C#, Photoshop and Maya to create my games. They all have their issues, but there is no way I could create these games by myself without these tools!


Ok, here is a mean question. What was the hardest problem you needed to overcome when developing Bumper Tank Battle?

I make small, simple games, but I still think the hardest part about game development is finding an idea that will hold your attention. A lot of things are fun once, but will they be fun in an hour, tomorrow or a month from now? Games take time to create and if you’re sick of your idea at the end of development then chances are nobody is going to like the finished product.


Excellent point! OK, last question. Where do you get your inspiration or ideas from?

Sometimes I’ll see something and get inspired, but usually they just pop into my head. I write them all down in a list with a title and a one line description. When I’m ready to start on my next game I go through the list and see if anything jumps out me. A lot of the time you forget about an idea and if it inspires you a second time then it’s probably got potential. I then make a quick 1-3 day prototype to see if there’s actually anything there.


A few words to Bumper Tank Battle fans on Edamame Reviews.

I hope you like it!


Lastly a few words on how you feel about Edamame Reviews and our service.

It’s hard getting your game in front of people. I’m a fan of anyone that tries to help!

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