Infinite Skater – This isn’t a game… this is art

Do you like overkill? Going far beyond what anyone would ever want, need, or even imagine? When this is done in the graphical side of game development, we call the finished product not a game, but art…

Infinite Skater is a skating game – as the name implies – that surpasses all real requirements for a normal, good, or even extraordinary skating game. In short, this game is a work of art you can play, but don’t worry! You don’t have to love art galleries to enjoy this game 😉

At its core Infinite Skater is a 3 lane avoider type game, a little like Beat Racer or Temple Run, just with the best graphics you’ve ever seen as your obstacles. The controls you’ll use to control your skater are simple swipe gestures which should come naturally to most players. Very different to the feel of the graphics…

Although very beautiful, the graphics in Infinite Skater could even be described as the opposite of natural. With very prominent polygon style graphics, Infinite Skater doesn’t look anywhere near as smooth or polished as Smash Hit does for instance, giving the game a strong “virtual” look overall. This strong virtual feel is what no doubt creates the feeling of exploring a new and mysterious digital world✨

If you really care about the graphical beauty of the games you play, this game is going to be hard to resist…

All up it comes down to personal preference. If you don’t care in the slightest about what the graphics of the games you play are, Infinite Skater – although a very decent skating game – isn’t all that much better than the rest of the crowd.

If however you do care about what you treat your eyes to, Infinite Skater will no doubt beat all the competition hands down.

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