Challenges come and go but wouldn’t you like a challenge that gives you the motivation to improve what you scored previously? Infinite Doors offers just that with its fun yet addicting gameplay. The game is an endless game that gives you the opportunity to see how high of a score you can achieve during gameplay. All of the sporadic levels help keep the game’s spontaneity and gameplay both fun and challenging.

Infinite Doors

How To Play

Tap on either the left or right sides of the screen in order to maneuver and move the game’s character towards the key to unlock the door, but be careful because you have to avoid the spikes and enemy objects that are there to make it more challenging for you to advance. Once the player retrieves the key, the door in the floor of the level will open and allow you to advance to the next level.

Infinite Doors


Each level that you advance to earns you a point in the game.

Infinite Doors

Future Development

With any application, there have to be tweaks that are made to help enhance and make the experience for the user smoother. The following pertain to the future development of the application:
1. Include a pause and resume button during gameplay.
2. Create and develop additional levels.
3. Allow the option to remove ads from user gameplay.

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Infinite Doors

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