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Do you often find yourself bored? Do you ever consider yourself to be too calm and level-headed? All of that will change once you have downloaded Stellar on your mobile phone!

Stellar is a rage-inducing, hard to put down game that is extremely challenging. Beat your high score and climb the global leaderboards with this free to play iOS game! Stellar is an arcade style game built with retro-inspired pixel art graphics and sounds. There is no end to the gameplay; you can play as long as you can survive in order to become the best in the world.

How to play?

At its core, Stellar is (based around) a simple idea. You play as a star bouncing around an infinite universe. The goal of the game is to beat your high score by surviving for as long as possible and collecting as many points as possible. A barrage of enemies are constantly coming at you with varying levels of difficulty. The first minute of the game may seem easy but fear not, the enemies continue to ramp up the speed of their onslaught! Enemy spaceships feature a variety of difficulties, ranging from the simple to the complex. Some spaceships may fly slowly in a straight path while others curve towards you and hunt you down.

The mechanics of Stellar are what differentiate it from other arcade games. You control the player by drawing lines on the screen. The lines that you draw act as trampolines, propelling the player forwards, backward, up or down. The angle which you hit the trampoline determines which way you are bounced. The mechanics are difficult to master but they are simple to learn and incredibly fun to play with.

Your greatest weapon of survival comes from the multitude of available power-ups in the game. Collect a red boost to give yourself a protective shield against enemies, collect a triangular boost to increase your maximum speed and collect a blue boost to collect all the points within the vicinity of your player.

I hope that you enjoy playing Stellar! I certainly had lots of fun working on the project. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Infinite Cosmos


Along with the main goal of beating your high score, there are other goals built into the game. You can try to beat the maximum distance you have flown and you can achieve combos by hitting multiple points in the same arc. In order to achieve a combo, you must hit multiple points without touching the trampoline. Combos of 1 or 2 are easy to get, while combos over 5, 6, or 7 may seem almost impossible to achieve.

Don’t like the default app icon or theme? Change it! By beating various achievements/missions built into Game Center you are able to unlock new themes/icons!

-Unique one-handed swipe-based gameplay
-Rage inducing difficulty
-Infinitely changing pixel art universe
-Beat your high score and climb the global leaderboards
-Gain combos by skillfully placing your trampolines
-Remove advertisements with a one-time in-app purchase
-Unlock various themes/app icons by beating missions
-Game Center achievements



About – Gavin Shrader

I am an independent app developer and self-taught graphic designer/programmer. Every piece of Stellar was handcrafted during my free time. My goal is to create fun, unique mobile games that everyone can enjoy!

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