Do you thrive on games that kill you every few seconds or so? If so, today we’ve got a game designed with love just for you❤️

Impossible Taps is a game about forever moving forward, even if doing so means certain death… With a simple one-touch gameplay system, (tap to move forward), your mission in this game is to slowly creep – or speedily dash, it is completely up to you – your way through a 2D obstacle-filled stage without dying.💀

Your player, (most likely a king judging from the crown on his head), is for some unknown reason forced to race through some of the most deadly and unforgiving traps we have ever featured on Edamame Reviews.

Why a king is dashing through a deadly trap filled pasture we have no idea, but certain death is pretty much inevitable.

Although this may be because we are all just plain bad at Impossible Taps and have never gotten to a point where we can save the game, Impossible Taps doesn’t seem to feature levels or checkpoints meaning each time you GAME OVER it’s back to square one…

Super annoying!!! …or frustratingly addictive? It’s up to you…

The Conclusion

With relatively high-end pixel graphics and a gameplay system that is definitely simple, to say the least. …yet far from easy… Impossible Taps is a game we’d recommend to anyone who thrives on games designed to kill you…

Want to give Impossible Taps a try? The download link is just below😉

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