IMPOSSIBLE ROAD – Officially the fastest game we’ve ever seen!

Do you have this burning desire, a feeling set deep within your bones, a need, the need for speed? …IMPOSSIBLE ROAD will blow you away, “Literally.”

IMPOSSIBLE ROAD may just be the fastest game we’ve played all year! (Perhaps with the exception of Super HexagonBARRIER X, and a few other games that are almost as fast…😁)

Set in a 3-Dimensional world with nothing but a “Ball”, and an infinitely long “Road” with twists and turns that simply beg for a disaster to happen, your mission in this game is to stay on the track for as long as possible… Pretty much an impossible mission…

Played using simple touch controls (i.e. turn “left” or “right” by touching the sides of the screen) the controls for this game are fairly easy to get used to, especially for users playing on an iPhone 6S or above. Taking full advantage of Apple’s the new “3D Touch” feature, you can easily control how hard you turn based on how hard you press, a very neat little feature to have.

Now, when it comes to graphics there aren’t many games that can rival IMPOSSIBLE ROAD. With fluid animations – even at high speeds – and subtle yet meaningful effects that really bring the game to life, IMPOSSIBLE ROAD really looks astonishingly good.

With a simple yet fitting soundtrack, super user friendly controls, dazzling graphics, and almost impossible gameplay, what more could you want?

Does the thought of racing down a winding 3D path of doom excite you? If so, this is probably the game you’ve been waiting for.

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