Impossible Caves

Impossible Caves by Appsolute Games LLC is a game you really shouldn’t try in real life… It involves dropping a highly explosive cube down into a cave full of spikes and sharp drops just to see what will happen, not a good idea!

However in the world of games, often these sort of ideas turn out splendidly! In the case of Impossible Caves you as the player have a little more control over the cube than in normal life but not much…

Tapping on the screen will make the cube jump, that’s it, that’s the only control you have.

Using this ability your goal is to guide this disaster-just-waiting-to-happen through spike filled passageways without hitting anything dangerous. Believe me it’s pretty much impossible…

If you have a short temper this isn’t the game for you, you’ll probably end up breaking something… One good use for this game though is if you have a cocky gamer friend you want to annoy… just you wait…!

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