Hyper Flex = VVVVVV + Pivvot + Super Hexagon


For anyone familiar with the 3 games in the title of this review, you probably know exactly what type of game to expect. Today’s game is pretty much impossible…

Hyper Flex (by FoXoft) is a game that attempts to show you a glimpse of gamer hell. Set in one of the worst environments we’ve ever seen in a 2D avoider game, your mission in this game (to survive to the end) is harder than ever before! …good luck getting to the end…😅

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to swap the gravity for a small pixelated cube, your goal in this game is to make it to 1,000 meters in a single run. (or survive for approximately 100 seconds) Although there have been plenty of avoider games based around the core idea of swapping the gravity for your player, Hyper Flex takes things to a whole new level with obstacles that literally require you to tap with 0.1 seconds of precision just to survive!

Filled with spikes that do a great job of killing you, Hyper Flex features a new type of obstacle you’ll learn to hate even more than the spikes in VVVVVV.

By far, the biggest killer in this game is anything that juts out at 90º from the stage. Big or small, if your player collides head-on with any of the obstacles in this game you’re pretty much dead, essentially turning absolutely everything in this game into a deadly obstacle…💀

Hyper Flex

With graphics that quite obviously take inspiration from VVVVVV together with a level system that strongly reminds us of Super Hexagon, Hyper Flex is an awful game we would only really recommend to the crazy players who found VVVVVV, Pivvot, or Super Hexagon actually fun.

If you’re in need of an awful game, congratulations, you’ve found it…

The Conclusion

For all (Normal), (Skilled), and potentially even (Highly Skilled) gamers Hyper Flex is a game that will probably bring more tears and suffering than actual gaming fun. That being said, for anyone wondering what your punishment for all the people you’ve killed in video games might be, this is probably what you have to look forward to…

…in gamer hell…😈

Want to give Hyper Flex a try? The download link is just below.📲
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