Hydraulic Press Pocket

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a living as a YouTube Star? Because today we’ve got a game that sort of attempts to simulate just how exciting – or unexciting and annoying – life as a YouTuber actually is… This may change your mind about investing everything you’ve got into the YouTube platform…😅

Hydraulic Press Pocket (by Linnama Entertainment) is a game that players on the strange fascination with crushing everyday household objects that took the internet by storm a few years ago. Does anyone actually still watches those crushing videos…?

Starting out in an old and run down workshop that happens to have a hydraulic press capable of crushing everyday household objects, your mission in this game is to crush whatever it takes to make you a living off of YouTube. After crushing your piggy bank and buying a cheap webcam, it’s time to start making videos! …and moderating mean comments… and analyzing trends… and praying for collaboration opportunities… as well as views in general…

Hydraulic Press Pocket is a game that doesn’t hesitate to show players the dark side of YouTube. UnlikeVlogger Go Viral (by Tapps Tecnologia) which highlighted the fun and fame of YouTube, Hydraulic Press Pocket seems to be a little darker.💀

Although the game isn’t necessarily bad or anything, it definitely isn’t a walk in the park.

Starting out as a tiny YouTuber with a shoddy crusher that keeps needing to be repaired and far fewer views than what you would first expect (especially considering this is a game!) Hydraulic Press Pocket that requires almost as much devotion and motivation to continue playing as starting an actual YouTube Channel.

With acceptable graphics, a slightly less than intuitive UI (User Interface) that can be a little annoying to navigate at first, and not too many Ads, Hydraulic Press Pocket isn’t a bad game. We just don’t have the drive or devotion to keep playing… #YouTubers_are_amazing…

The Conclusion

Do you have the drive and determination to start a “virtual” YouTube channel that won’t make you any money in real life? Do you think you have what it takes to win it big as a virtual YouTube Star that has never posted a video… If so this is the game for you!

…or you could just devote all of that time and effort into starting an actual YouTube Channel…😓

Want to give Hydraulic Press Pocket a try? The download link is just below.📲
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