Horizon Chase – Is this the best 80’s style racing game ever…!?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like “now” if old racing games from the 80’s and 90’s made a comeback…? Well, this is what happens!

Horizon Chase is an awesomely fun racing game that reminds us of the old fashioned arcade games we used to play. With only a few minor updates to the overall feel of the game, (i.e. the graphics are obviously going to be “slightly😉 ” better than they were in the 80’s). Horizon Chase keeps most of the original “feel” while drastically updating the inside.

With no “Super Realistic” 3D graphics or physics like in Real Racing 3, Horizon Chase – although a new game – still looks and feels exceedingly simple, just like a game from the 80’s. (Perhaps even a little too simple… if this game where designed for desktop…!)

You see, one of the biggest issues with most mobile racing games is the game’s playability. There are numerous ways to get around this issues, but in our opinion the best method we have seen to date is the method used in Horizon Chase – Just make the game so simple it is almost impossible to play badly!

With 9 different “cups” to win and a bunch of cool cars to unlock, this game is a must have for players who love arcade racing games! If you thought it was impossible to find a fun mobile racing game, one that lets you forget about trying to control your car and instead lets you focus on actually having fun, Think again! Horizon Chase will blow you away!

Do you need the “funnest” (is that a word?) mobile racing games we’ve ever featured on Edamame Reviews?

With super simple controls, slightly updated 80’s graphics, and loads of action, this game will make anyone excited!

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