Horde – Think outside the box…📦

Have you ever had anyone tell you to, “Think outside the box?” Often, thinking outside the box is one of the hardest tasks for content creators to achieve. Especially once you’ve worked in the industry for a long time… That’s why when we saw today’s game we simply had to write about it…!

Horde isn’t a great game. Although the controls are simple and easy to get used to, in our opinion you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with this as your only source of entertainment. Besides, you would have more important things to do such as searching for food and water…🍔

Even so, this game features a design so out of this world it deserves a place on Edamame Reviews.

Normally, when you hit play on the home screen of a game you can expect to find yourself greeted by a lovely level select screen or perhaps a new screen displaying wherever it is you need to play the game. In the case of Horde, it is an entirely different story.

The moment you hit play the game begins! Everything that previously looked like a useful button – including the actual play button itself – is suddenly changed into an object as a Horde of colorful blocks begin shooting toward your player like a swarm of angry wasps!!!

After quickly flashing the words, “Tap and drag anywhere to move.” you are on your own with nothing to protect you or your player but your lighting fast reaction time and pro-gamer skills…

Although this isn’t exactly the type of game we would usually recommend, if you’re after a game that is totally out of the box when it comes to design this is one of the best games we’ve come across yet! …although who knows what else we will find…!

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