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“When does a game become a piece of artwork?” It’s an interesting question with potentially hundreds of answers, but if we were asked this question, our answer would have to be, “Ever heard of hocus?”

If your answer to the question above is “No” here’s our review of hocus.

hocus. is probably one of the most puzzling – in a good way – games we’ve ever played. For people who have a decent gaming education – but somehow don’t know about hocus. – hocus. is very similar to Monument Valley in the sense that to get anywhere you must change your perspective of the situation before you.

Now for players who have played Monument Valley and loved it you may be wondering what the point in getting another Escher artwork style game is, and to that there’s a simple answer. In Monument Valley players were required to manipulate the world around them – i.e. Actually move stuff – in order to make their way around the world. With hocus. things are a little different…

The “mind boggling” way your character – a red cube – makes its way around its world – by rolling “up” a wall that leads “down” – doesn’t change, but the fundamental structure of the world is completely different!

You see, each stage is made up of 1 object that does not move. The angle at which you view it, and the actual parts are fixed in place, meaning the only thing you have available to change your perspective is “You…”

hocus._SS1 hocus._SS2

Simply put, “hocus. is not a game… hocus. is art.” Imagine a $0.99 piece of artwork you can play? What more could you ask for…?

…Perhaps one last change of perspective?

hocus. now not only allows you to play awesome brain twisting levels but also create them! Imagine the world from a completely different perspective…!

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