It’s raining outside, and the cat in the hat has gone on holiday… Boring…😥

For times like these, there’s a perfect new indie game you may want to try. Called Hide and Seek, this revolutionary game is built around an amazing concept no one has ever seen before!😯

Set in a 3 dimensional world your objective in this game is to hide from other players!

😂Brand New😂

Ok, without being silly, Hide and Seek is a relatively well made game – it definitely could use a little more polishing – but it has a decent build that won’t disappoint you.

Why not try it out on your next boring rainy day.

Unless of course, you’re expecting a visit from the cat in the hat any time soon😉

Mini Interview

How long have you made Apps or Games for?

Block Games started making games on 1st of February 2016

Is this your first creation?

This is not our first creation, nor it is the last. But it is our best game for now. Not just by the number of people that like it, but also from the comments of people who know some things about games.

What do you use to make your apps or games?

We are using Unity3D for now, but you never know what might change.

So, tell us about your app!

This is a Hide and Seek game with blocky graphic. Everybody played hide and seek when they were young and we thought why not make a mobile game out of it. It is an online multiplayer game so that the player can play with his friends from all around the world. Players are randomly made a seeker or a hider, which makes the game more interesting. In a limited amount of time, they have to either find other players or stay hidden.

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