Hidden my game by mom – Enjoyable Stupidity….

Every now and then it is nice to play a stupid game…

Hidden my game by mom is a game that every child/young adult has no doubt played at least once their lifetime. Hopefully, when you played this “fun” game with your mum or dad the traps involved weren’t anywhere near as dynamic as they are in this game, but the main theme is pretty much the same.

Just in case you were a wonderful child that never played this game in real life, Hidden my game by mom is a puzzle game about searching for your Nintendo DS hidden in some exotic place by your mother.

The game consists of 30 levels which are broken up into days, (Wait, you battled your mum for 30 days straight!?), and has an ending that is both, shocking, hilarious, and rather sad at the same time…😢

If you’re into games that require minimal effort to play and deliver hilarious outcomes every time, this is a game you simply can’t miss.

This is probably the best “low-quality” game we have ever played😆

If you’re feeling a little down and would like something simple, silly and fun to cheer your spirits, Hidden my game by mom is a game you can play to the end in less than an hour and feel refreshed… or at least, mildly amused…

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