Before the rise of smartphones, before smartphone games took over the portable gaming industry, was your favorite gaming genre 2D platformers? …If so, today we’ve got a game you MUST CHECK OUT!

Heart Star is a 2D platformer style puzzle game with a gameplay system that works perfectly on mobile devices! Based on the simple concept of getting your 2 characters from their respective starting positions to the goal – a flaming Olympic Torch(?) like thing positioned somewhere around each level – this game will have you addicted for hours!

Played using a “large” set of on-screen buttons positioned at the bottom end of your screen, your mission in this game is to skillfully switch between your two characters in order to get to the goal without dying.💀

Although there aren’t all that many obstacles that can kill you in Heart Star, there are quite a few walls/platforms you’ll fall though if you’re not careful. You see, your 2 characters, (one Pink and one Bule), can touch/interact with each other, and anything that matches their color. 

This means that obstacles, as well as platforms and walls that don’t match their respective colors, have no effect on either of your characters, meaning you can walk through walls, spikes, and even the floor😅

This “skill” can both save and kill you, depending on the situation, but with a little thought, you should be able to figure out how to make the best use of it in each level.

With well-designed levels, cute high-quality pixel graphics, and much, much more, this review is getting way too long…

The Conclusion

Are you ready to try your hand at the cutest 2D platformer puzzle game ever featured on Edamame Reviews? Now is your chance!

Quick! The download link is just below😉

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