In the past, we’ve reviewed some very strange and exotic games from the country of all things wildly enjoyable – Japan, but today’s game takes things a step too far. This is probably going to be our weirdest game review of all time… Oh man…😰

Heads Off (by PONOS) is a game about a head that rolls and screams, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”😱😱😱

(If that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, probably nothing will…) Set on a 2D stage that looks like a snapshot taken of the underworld, your mission in this game is to skillfully tap on the screen of your device in order to make the head roll as far along the stage as possible. Each time you tap on the screen of your device your head will scream which isn’t just noisy – and a little terrifying😨 – but can also be used as propulsion to propel your player along the stage…

As you progress through the stage, there are small checkpoint like things that do not save your progress but indicate how old your head is and what he (or she) happens to be doing at that point in their life (e.g. 14 Years Old: Lends favorite DVD to a friend, never sees it again…) Why!? We have no idea…😓

Taking a sudden turn to the dark and creepy, as your head rolls around the stage, you can collect small white, orange, and blue floating things we presume are souls or something which can be used to grow new heads on a tree. The process looks disgusting… There isn’t a lot more to say here…

With not too many Ads, simple controls, lots of characters, this is the perfect game for anyone with a twisted sense of humor. If you enjoy experiencing the strange and wonderful things born in Japan, this is yet another game we don’t really understand.😅

At least it is easy enough to play…

The Conclusion

If you have a thing for rolling heads that scream for no apparent reason, this is the game for you and your unique sense of humor. For everyone else, Heads Off is a game you can play when you really want someone to believe that you are secretly a psychopath…! 🤣


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