Hazy Race

Hazy Race (by Ketchapp and Mamau) is a game we have been meaning to check out ever since it was first released over 6 months ago… Although it is a little late now, better late than never! Here is our review of Hazy Race!

Hazy Race is a hyper minimalistic game with misty graphics, beautiful colors, and a strangely intuitive gameplay system that is actually harder to explain that it is to play. Set in a mystical world made up of just a few platforms that loom in the hazy distance, your mission in this game is to bounce from platform to platform as you make your way deeper and deeper into the ever-changing mist.

Played by touching on the screen of your device in order to speedily drop down, your mission in this game is to rhythmically tap on the screen of your device in order to speedily bounce your player from one platform to another. The exact timing in which you are required to tap on the screen is shown using some design magic involving Colors and Scale that looks beautiful but makes Hazy Race incredibly difficult to explain in a review…

It should only take 1 or 2 tries max for you to fully understand how to play this game…🤯

Although the difficulty curve in Hazy Race almost seems to change each time you start a new game, overall Hazy Race is a fairly well-balanced game when it comes to game difficulty. Allowing the player to slowly ease their way into the game Hazy Race mixes challenging stages in with simple ones, training players up for the challenges that lie ahead without them ever knowing!

With a bunch of different characters for you to unlock, not too many Ads, and potentially the most beautiful design we have ever seen in a game published by KetchappHazy Race is a game you definitely won’t regret trying out!😆

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a game with beautiful graphics, minimalistic rabbits, and hopefully something wonderful for you to “never discover” in the misty distance, this is the perfect “endless” game for you…😉

Unless of course you have already been playing this game for the past 6 months and are in serious need of a change… Sorry for our belated review…

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