Hatchi – A quick guide to creating the worlds most expensive Tamagotchi…

Today we are going to teach you how to create the world’s most expensive Tamagotchi. Are you ready?

Step 1: Buy an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB (US$969.00)
Step 2: Download Hatchi ($0.99)
Step 3: Enjoy! You now have the world’s most expensive and over-specced Tamagotchi!

…Ok without being silly, did you used to have a pet Tamagotchi? We sure did, and at the time it was awesome! Being one of the first games to ever have annoying push notifications, the countless number of times we felt like throwing our little egg shaped devices at a wall after being bleeped-at at 3-am almost brings back tears…😂

If you would like to once again experience the fun of living with a virtual pet, Hatchi is a cute little Tamagotchi style game for your smartphone that has all the ordinary features of a tamagotchi and more!

With classic pixel graphics, actually fun mini games, and all the other joys of living with a virtual pet, such as feeding, bathing, medical treatment, education, etc… Hatchi is no doubt the ultimate virtual pet for your smartphone! …For players who actually “like” virtual pets…

Would you like to create the World’s Most Expensive Tamagotchi? or just enjoy life with a cute little virtual companion?

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