Hat Trick Shots – A strangely addictive game that will captivate you for hours!

Do you enjoy watching trick shot videos on YouTube? We do! Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are of people performing amazingly satisfying trick shots. While watching these types of videos, have you ever wondered just how many failed attempts were made behind the scenes? Well, you’re about to find out…

Hat Trick Shots is a new game published by the Ketchapp Team that will captivate you! Based around trick shots, your mission in this game is to simply swipe a baseball cap into the air and land it on your player’s head. Super Simple! The number of points you receive per throw are based on the number of rotations your cap makes before landing snugly on your player’s head, and if your cap falls off it’s simply “Game Over!”

Why a game as simple as this manages to waste 1 and a half hours of our game reviewing life we don’t know, but there is this strange satisfaction in successfully completing a trick shot you won’t experience anywhere else…

Anyway, back to our review. With super cute characters and some of the most lifelike animations we’ve ever seen, Hat Trick Shots will instantly captivate you! (That is if you are anything like us…)

Featuring all of your favorite political characters such as Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, this game could be the beginning of all sorts of unnecessary arguments with your friends and family😊 (⚠️Download with caution⚠️)

Do you get this strange feeling of satisfaction when you manage to toss a can into a park bin from a distance first try? If so, Hat Trick Shots is probably a dangerously addictive game you’ll seriously enjoy! (Potentially even a little too much…)

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