Hardway – Endless Road Building Action!

Have you ever wished you had a private road building service with the resources to build your very own freeway that stretches right over all the traffic you suffer through each morning? If so, your dreams are only just starting!

Hardway is a game about preventing a lorry truck from ever having to stop, pause, or ever even consider that driving off the edge of a bridge may just leave you stranded in the ocean.

Based around the simple concept of instantly building an endlessly long bridge that stretches from island to island eternally(!), your mission in this game is to build this eternally long bridge in order to prevent what must be your insanely rich master’s lorry truck from ever slowing down. What on earth does he do for a living…

Played by tapping and holding on either the left or right sides of your screen in order to build a bridge that spins out from your existing freeway, your mission in this game is to speedily tap and release the moment your highway reaches the nearest island.

In a sense, Hardway is actually a timing game in that players are required to speedily tap and release in order to succeed.

Last but not least, the graphics in Hardway are some of the cutest! With cute toy-like graphics that will remind you of the time you actually played with toy cars, Hardway is a game that will appeal to the lovely memories of your childhood…

So, if building a private bridge that spans from your house all the way to wherever you happen to be going sounds like a brilliant idea to you, Hardway is a game you really need to try. Trust us, it isn’t that easy, even in a video game…

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